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Updated: Jan 31, 2021

I have been absolutely amazed by the love and support from all of you, the fans! Seriously, I am completely speechless. I have always wanted to come back to this Internet world, but... The truth is, I had no idea how you would receive me. I was scared. Nervous!

And now? What I have found is love, understanding, compassion, inspiration, funny comments, great conversation... I have even received letters full of emotion and drawings welcoming us back. And most importantly, you have forgiven me!! ^_^

I have rediscovered how truly amazing fans you all are. I am sincerely grateful for all of you! Your amazing support is more than anything I could ever hope for!

So thank you! To all of you who have been fans since the beginning, have patiently been waiting for the return of Créu, and all our new fans!


So! Whenever I receive a FanArt, my heart jumps with joy. It truly brightens up my day! I admire each of them. There’s also been a few uploads which may not exactly look FanArt, but they caught myeye

Check it ourt! Characters in the “PriVer” style!

This welcome back drawing particularly made me giggle :)

Just one little thing! Always make sure to review our Terms of Service when designing FanArt, ok? :)


I know, I know. But I can’t believeeeeeee we’ve been away from you guys for so long! Yes, we are still catching up with this ever changing world of the Internet - and only now discovering this wonderful community of artists, animation fans and cat lovers. Not to mention it’s just fun for Pri to share all the other artsy things she does.

Make sure to follow to see more of us! ^_^



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