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Who was FRED?!

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Did you know that the Créu Cats actually had a human friend, back in the 2000s? That's right. His name was Fred. Here's the actual description from the vintage Créu Official Site:

"FRED, short for Frederico, is a 12 year old boy with light blue hair who loves animals. On his free time, Fred volunteers at a cat shelter.

He is the foster parent of the Créu Cats, with Créu being his permanent and loyal best Cat friend. When Fred grows up, he wants to work as a game programmer."

So yes. Fred was awesome. And he was able to talk to the Cats too! Like, who wouldn't want a friend like Fred??

However, as the purpose and focus shifted to Créu Cats' existing to decorate the Web with their cuteness, Fred didn't quite fit the narrative anymore. I mean, he was cute, but he wasn't a cat. He would kinda mess up the whole "Créu Cats" chemistry. It reminds me of when I'd watch old gen My Little Pony and freaked out a little when a human showed up... It just felt kinda weird and out of place. Even though Fred had the absolute best intentions, the Cats just didn't quite need him anymore.

Anyway. To break the ice, here's some EXCLUSIVE images of Fred, circa 2000, when PriVer was still a teen. Remember, there were NO YouTube tutorials or Instagram art tips back then, only magazines!

So there you have it. Say, would you like to see Fred make a comeback too?? Would he be all grown up now, or still a kid? What would he say?!

Fred. Friend. Forever. Gone but not forgotten.

PS: There have been reports of MORE secret Créu characters from back in the day. Anyone from the old days remember who they were? They may or may not make a comeback at some point... ;)


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