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Byter Bot!

Byter is byte-sized Cat who lives inside your computer.

And now he can live inside your Discord Server too!

Check the commands below to see what he can do!


My prefix is % or b! , use the help command to see what I can do!

Here are the current valid commands:

  • embed *data - generates an embed, you need the manage messages permission to do so

  • gifs - lists all loaded categories of gifs/images

  • help *command - show this info or some specified command

  • info *page - shows info about Créu and his friends!

  • poll *title, *options - makes a poll, options and title may be blank, and separate by commas

  • time *area - this command shows what time is it in a area

  • 8ball *question - make a question, and I'll roll a magic 8 ball for you

View full Byter Bot dev's documentation @


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