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Créu Comics?!

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Ok, so we have a TON of hidden gems to show you from the old days! We are eager to show them to you exclusively here on the Blog!

But did you ever guess you'd see Créu in a manga?!

Back when PriVer was a teen, circa 2000, she was reallyyy into anime. I mean, Osamu Tezuka is one of her biggest inspirations!! So naturally, she wanted to create a manga-style comic based on Créu and his friends!

The story was something like... Fred (remember him?) one day decides to sneak his kitten Créu into school, but Créu eventually escapes and gets lost. Through the journey, Créu has several flashbacks about his Cat friends and debates whether he should stay with Fred or head out to find his feline family.

Oh, and Fred had other human friends featured in this comic too! Stay tuned for more Créu gems here on the Blog and you may meet them!

Here's a few page sketches from the comic! Make sure to read from right-to-left since PriVer thought that was the way to go in a manga!


What do you think the full story is? Would you like to see this manga-like Créu comic ever become a reality? Let us know in the comments!

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