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Créutober is coming!!

Are you an artist? Crrreative person? Need some Art Prompts to get inspired?

Créu crafted something for you!! ✨


WHAT is Créutober? It's the Créu version of "Inktober", a yearly art event where hundreds of artists draw once-a-day, for a month, based on common prompts (drawing ideas)! Ever since Inktober took flight, many artists have decided to create their own prompt lists too, so naturally PriVer did the same for the Créu Community!

HOW to Créutober?

❤ Based on the Prompt List, create a drawing based on your own interpretation of the daily prompt! ❤ When you post (on your social media of choice) check off the list and add #creutober2023 ! (we encourage you to add #inktober as well!) ❤ Have fun!!

WHY join Créutober?

❤ A great opportunity to learn, about art and yourself! ❤ Get out of your comfort zone, and fight dat art block! ❤ Get connected to other artists and the Créu Community!

❤ Get more visibility for your art! ❤ Feel accomplished! (Remember to take breaks, the importance is to have fun! 🥰)

Get the list here on PriVer's Instagram! ❤️ (the list will change every year!)

It's your choice where you wish to post - and whether you wish to post! You can just draw for yourself, for fun and practice! ^_^ There's no obligation or pressure, just an opportunity to learn!

If you do, we have a dedicated #créutober-2023 channel on DISCORD.GG/CREUCAT too! As for Instagram or Twitter X, remember to use the hashtag #creutober2023 :D


Remembering last Créutobers!


Créutober GIFS!

As a créulebration, enjoy some new #creucat GIFS made of Créutober drawings!


See you soon! Crrrréu!!


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