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Discord: the ❤ of Créu Community

The Créu Community is all over the World Wide Web, but there's a purrfect place where we all gather to créulebrate our love for Créu: The Official Discord Server!

This dedicatory post is also a HOW-TO guide! Let's go over the basics of what the beloved Créu Community stands for, what we do and... Oh, right. What the Créu even is Discord?!

Discord is an online instant chatting social platform, where users can communicate through calls and texting, in public or private chats. Its community spaces are known as 'Servers'. Think of it as the old school 2000s forums, but way faster and prodigious!

You might be interested in knowing what a Community of Créu fans is like and what you can do on the Server. Here's a few fun facts:

  • Our Community is official, yet also volunteer-driven. Everyone helps out from the kindness of their heart ❤

  • In our Server, we stand for respect, wholesomeness, fun and evidently much love for cats!

  • We care deeply about everyone's health, safety and well-being!

  • We are also an artist community, so you will find many art resources and encouragement!

  • You will find TONS of exclusive Créumojis - some made by our very own members! - as well as Créu Stickers!

  • Join live and offline events to gather the Community, make new friends, improve art skills and have a great time!

  • Conveniently keep up to date with all PriVer and Créu Content!

Ready to discover the Créu Community for yourself? We are a proud Discord Partner, so look for us on Discord or simply click !

Note: while our Créu Server is safe for all ages, you MUST be 13 and over to join, in accordance to Discord guidelines.



When you first join Discord, you might be a little overwhelmed. But don't worry! You'll get a hang of it right away!

Discord does a great job walking you through their app, but here's an example of what you first encounter, upon joining the Créu Server:

Discord starting pop up screen

Read our rules carefully, as they are decisively enforced. Also, make sure your email is verified, otherwise you won't proceed! Agree to the rules and hit submit (get excited for many Créumojis!)

After being verified and agreeing to our rules (keep them in mind at ALL times!), you will see a list of "channels". Their names give you a clue of what the topics are about!

How to get started!

  • accept and always follow our # rules-and-terms!

  • get roles and Créu info at # about-and-roles

  • get the @Créu Community role to stay in the loop of everything!

  • look at our Events tab for upcoming fun - live and offline!

  • questions? Ask a Créu Connoisseur or Byter's Mod Bot (found in the list of users, to the right)

Want to see and post art?

  • share in # artists-and-creators or # créu-fanarts

  • art block? Try # inspiring-content or # art-resources

  • all new PriVer content is at # priver-posts

Looking to make friends?

  • # créu-everything is our main chat! Say hello :)

  • geek together at # fandom-lounge

  • play together at gaming and # créu-minecraft

Need to re-energize?

  • find words of wisdom at # créu-cares !

  • laugh together at random-fun and # créu-memes

  • endless cuteness at # pet-pics ❤



Now you might also be wondering... What the Créu are all these "roles"?

On Discord, you can assign yourself - or be assigned - roles, which can grant you certain permissions or simply help to describe yourself. It's a great way to define your identity so we can know you better! All assignable roles can be found at # about-and-roles channel, under START HERE section.

We also have "ping" roles available - meaning, we will use these roles to notify you about things you're interested in!

Besides descriptive roles, we have very special roles for our Server Staff (aka CCC's) and loyal members! It's important to note that we see roles for their organizational purposes, and not in a hierarchical way. As a Community, we value everyone's contributions!


Créu Connoisseur: the friendly, welcoming faces of the Server! They are trusted Créu experts and can answer on PriVer's behalf. While Connoisseurs don't moderate, they help the Community stay safe. They also organize events, change nicknames and have access to Server Archives.

Créu Captain: Captains are casual moderators who help the team greatly - by managing messages, communicating through Byter Bot or issuing warns, timeouts and kicks. They have great potential to become eventual Curators (if they wish to)!

Créu Curator: our official moderators! Curators have great control and responsibility over the Server, including permissions, access to logs and insights, role management and issuing bans. Their main goal is to keep the Server safe and happy! Our moderation intent is always to educate and create well-being for all members in the Server.

Créu Crew: this is a very special role for members who help PriVer create Créu Content. As most trusted friends, Crew members are also Server Admins - so they manage the entire server. Admins - like Chiefs - don't necessarily moderate, but they always jump in to help!

Créu Chief: Server owners! PriVer and P K (PriVer's office mate). While having full control over the Server, they don't have final say because we are a teamwork-driven Staff. We take pride in making decisions together!


New Friend: aww, your first role! Everyone gets assigned the New Friend once verified and ready to chat in the Server!

Créu Camper: Upon talking a little bit in the Server, you'll notice the Camper role is assigned to you automagically! (level 5 - check your status in # bot-commands!) Campers are a good indicative you're getting more active in the Community ❤

Créu Citizen: This role tells everyone you're a veteran! As a way to show our trust and gratitude, Citizens have greater perms, such as speaking in live Events, posting images in # créu-everything and exclusive access to certain channels and activities. You'll be granted Citizen when you reach level 15!

Créu Contributor: our Server Boosters! What is Discord boosting, you say? It's kind of a subscription that grants extra perks to a Server. As a Contributor, you are granted extra perms, such as unmuting during events and the ability to request art from PriVer! (coming soon!) This role is managed by Discord and is temporary, only while boosts last.

Créu Coffeemaker: If you've commissioned, requested a Courtesy drawing or donated to PriVer via, you are eligible for this exclusive role! Everyone will know you are a loyal PriVer and Créu supporter ❤ And yes, it also allows for extra perms! Unlike Contributor, the Coffeemaker role is permanent.


@ CRÉU COMMUNITY: Our @everyone ping, for all Server and Créu-related notifications! We HIGHLY recommend having this role ❤

@ CRÉU CLIENT: get this role to be notified about new Créu Merch developments and special promos! You also need this role to chat in # créu-merch channel. Great for sharing your Créu Merch pictures and feedback!

@ CREATORS: be notified of all art-related events and collabs!

@ CHALLENGER: be notified of game events and all gaming-related messages!

@ CINEPHILE: made for movie lovers! Be notified of movie scene challenges, Geek Streams and everything cinema!

@ CARETAKER: members with this role are given special permission to post wholesome words of wisdom in # créu-cares. In order to be considered for this role, you must fill out a form and get approval. Request it from PriVer or a CCC!

@ COLLAB: this is a temporary role used for accessing Collab channels. It is issued to members approved to be in a collab, usually via questionnaire, which is sent to the Community when a collab is happening.



Probably the BEST thing about being in the Créu Official Server is that you can hang out with fellow Créu fans and PriVer - in real time!

We try to keep a balance between live and offline events. You can expect live events on weekends, usually Saturday afternoons (in USA), every 2 weeks!

Discord makes it easy to organize Events, sharing location, local time and gathering interest!

You can find the EVENTS tab in the top-left corner, under the Créu logo and above the channels.

Did you know that if you click "interested" beforehand, Discord will also notify you when the event is starting?



The Créu Server runs on Byter Bot!

We are very grateful for the ingenuity and contributions of Créu Crew member @dzshn, who provided the Server amazing perks, such as embedding messages, special commands, activities and Byter's Mod Bot! Isn't the Créu Community amazing?

You can find all about Byter Bot at and while experiencing the Créu Official Server!



We'll be constantly updating these sections, so make sure you're subscribed to CREUCAT.COM for all updates!

Where are all the channels?

Make sure to click & agree to our rules to access the whole Server! Certain channels are also only available with specific roles - for example, you need @South America to access # português-chat.

How come I can't post pictures?

You need the Créu Citizen role to attach items in # créu-everything. You may be able to post images in other channels with a Camper role, however - and in art channels as a New Friend. You become Citizen by leveling up after being active in the Server for a while! Check your progress at # bot-commads.

How do I post on # créu-cares?

You need the @Caretaker role! If you are interested in applying, fill out this form - keep in mind, all applicants are reviewed and your approval depends on your performance and behavior in the Server.

How come I can't talk at events?

You need at least Citizen, Coffeemaker or Contributor role to be unmuted; but anyone can request to be unmuted during the event!

What is a "CCC"?

Captains, Curators and Connoisseurs are our Server Staff. Curators are moderators, Captains are casual moderators and Connoisseurs are Créu experts. We're here to help!

Where is my language in the "International" category?

We currently have limited languages available, but make sure you have a "region" role picked in # about-and-roles to access the non-English chats!

Can I ping PriVer?

Absolutely! You can DM her also! Please keep in mind she's very busy and might not respond right away. Please only DM with important questions!

Can I advertise my Server/website here?

We're currently not allowing invitations to other Servers. It's best to DM those! You can, however, give a shout-out to your art account on # artists-and-creators or to another artist in # inspiring-content.

I want to post something but not sure it's appropriate.

Please add a "spoiler" tag or ask one of our CCCs before posting.

How can I become a Connoisseur / Captain / Curator?

We're so happy you're interested! All our Staff are proudly hand-picked and have an extensive history of helping out the Server in various ways. We recommend just being your lovely self, taking on leadership opportunities in the Server and showing how much you know Créu!

I got in trouble and received a warn... now what?

We issue warns to educate members. Please be careful moving forward, and ALWAYS keep in mind our Server rules! Review them often at # rules-and-terms . After 2 warns, you are at imminent risk of being kicked from the Server. If you are kicked, your roles are lost and you're now at risk of being banned (no access to the Server anymore), if you break the rules again.

I've been banned from the Server. Can I never come back?

We recommend taking this time to reflect on your actions. In some cases, you might be able to appeal your ban by filling out this form. We recommend waiting 3-6 months before appealing, as we want to be sure you've taken the time to improve. Please note that getting a ban lifted is NOT guaranteed and may take a while. Additionally, if you're granted back access to the Server after being banned once, your warns do NOT reset and you are at risk of being permanently banned.

If you strongly and truthfully believe your ban was issued in error, please reach out to a CCC or friend (with access to the Server) and we will happily reevaluate your case!

I am experiencing harassment from a member. What do I do?

We're so sorry to hear! We do not tolerate harassment of any kind!! You may report the message to Discord and block the user, but please do also let a CCC know (preferably through Byter's Mod Bot) so we can take action. Please send message links if possible!

What is the Byter's Mod Bot and how do I use it?

@dzshn graciously developed our very own messaging bot for moderators! Use it to easily reach out to a Captain or Curator. Simply click on it and type your message! For important inquiries happening within the Créu Server only, please.

How do I join an event?

For live events, on the day and time, you will see the Art, Geek or Game Stream VC turn green, indicating it's started. Just click to join! Make sure your audio settings are setup correctly. If you're not comfortable talking in voice, no worries - we have a text chat inside too!

For drawing, offline or casual events, we usually create temporary channels. You may be assigned a @Collab role in order to access it, depending on the event. Quite often we create sign-up forms too, so make sure you get the ping roles in # about-and-roles to be notified!


This is a growing article! Check back periodically for updates! =^^=


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