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Ways to support Créu!

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

As you can imagine, it is incredibly challenging to be a Content Creator in our mega limited free time, while also working a full-time job at Pixar! There is a reason PriVer stayed offline for so long - creativity takes time & energy! She's always hustling to create and manage ALL this Créu Content, many times realizing it's a pretty unsustainable task. These creations - across The Créu Official Website, Youtube, Instagram, Giphy, Discord, Twitter, Facebook etc - take several hours, days and months to complete. They also come with many technical and emotional difficulties. Thankfully, PriVer's passion for drawing, animation and you, the Créu Community, is what fuels her. PriVer is a professional artist and animator who pours her heart and soul into everything she does. I've seen how much she cares about the Community by offering her lifetime expertise, artworks, generosity and friendship, all while asking nothing in return 💙

So we thought we'd share a few ways we can all support Pri!

Get coffee!

We just recently announced: !

Ko-fi works like a tip jar! It's awesome 'cause it's super casual and fun - like you and PriVer are just going out for coffee! Plus, coffee is my favorite thing!! (er, latte's to be prrrrecise!)

Your donations go 100% towards making new Créu Content! There's no expectation for anyone to donate, we know times are rough! The purpose of the tip jar is simply to raise awareness of how much work goes into creating all this art, fostering the Community and juggling all these platforms - all while working at Pixar too!

PS: there's also word out there that Ko-fi will get Discord integration, woohoo!

Purchasing Créu Merch

You guys have NO idea how happy PriVer gets when she sees a fan with Créu Merch! Really guys, PriVer absolutely loves creating products, it's our dream come true!! And it's a total win-win: you are supporting PriVer as a Creator, and you also get something in return that is super cute and useful!!

Oh yea, while we're on this topic... there's a "tiny" thing some of you may have noticed: the soft launch of the first Créu Craft - THE CRÉU PIN!

Yes, this is PriVer's first 100% PriVer-made Merch! We are calling it Créu Crafts because they are hand-made and shipped by PriVer herself!

We're still adjusting and improving a few things here and there on the Shop, so we appreciate your patience! And yes, we do ship world-wide!!

Check it out!!

The entire Créu Merch experience! Thoughtfully crafted packaging details 💙

The first Créu Clients!!

PriVer cares a lot about the environment. We want to bring something good into this world!

Please look forward to more Créu Crafts coming soon! Subscribe to the Official Website to stay in the loop!

Getting our Zazzle and Teespring Merch is also a great way to support PriVer. (Yes, we totally renamed our Teespring domain to to reflect our exclusive design!)

For Zazzle and Teespring sales, PriVer gets about 10% royalties, and while it doesn't sound like much, the on-demand products are a wonderful way to share a variety of quality products with the world! Plus, you will be showing your support by sharing Créu Merch with your friends =^^=

I mean, LOOK at this stuff!! 💙

Image kindly provided by @MindofMrRed via Discord! Thank you ^_^

Boosting the Server

At the Créu Discord Server, we have a special role called Créu Contributor. This is an automatic role for our members who "boost" the Créu Server - meaning, pay a small fee to Discord in order to give the Server some extra perks! Not only that, but PriVer often offers drawing requests for Contributors! That's right, you could get an exclusive drawing from PriVer just for boosting!

Of course, being an active Server member in itself is a GREAT way to support us. The Server wouldn't exist without the help of our incréudible Crew; the Curators, Captains, Conoisseurs and Chief P K, and our loyal Campers and Citizens. Everyone's kindhearted support (and good behavior hehe) helps PriVer focus on being a Creator!

Honestly, your presence alone is more than we could ever ask for!

Subscribing & Following

I know it sounds crrrrazy, but generating buzz goes a long way. There's strength in numbers! When you subscribe, hit that like button, comment and all that social media stuff, it tells the Instagram/YouTube/Twitter algorithm that our content is worth watching.

Yes, with a single click of a button and no cost, you can support PriVer! =^^=

Watching Youtube ads (sorry! >.<)

This one goes without saying... But PriVer does get a little bit of cash from monetizing videos, which in return helps PriVer invest more into creating more videos!!

I think that's it for now! Thank you so much for everything you do, Créu fans! 💙


BONUS: PriVer Archive of the month!

This, my frrrriends, was a Créu Speaker that used to be offered by Zazzle back in the day!! (circa 2007) We're not sure why it was discontinued, but it sure looks incréudible!!


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