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How to use Créu Content?

Hey guys!! I'm starting a new Blog series with helpful information on how to use many Internet & computer things, not just here on CREUCAT.COM, but everywhere! I hope you enjoy it!!

So, let's start with the basics!

Here's a handy guide on how to get the most out of the Créu Official Website! There's 2 ways to collect Créu content on CREUCAT.COM : saving files locally or sharing online.

Saving Créu images to your personal computer:

  1. Hover over the Créu GIF/image you'd like to use. A darker square will show up on top, with buttons.

2. Still hovering the image, click the "down" arrow to download:

3. Now choose a folder location on your computer! I recommend creating a folder just for Créu content, for easy access! You can also rename the file, if you'd like.

4. Ta-DAH! Your Créu file is now offline, on your computer, and ready to use. This method is good if you'd like to save Créu GIFS for later use, or to decorate your PC.


Sharing directly to social media:

  1. Click on the arrow pointing "forward":

2. A pop-up will appear. Select which sharing method or social media platform you'd like to send the image to!

3. For example, let's say we'd like to save a Créu image to Pinterest. Click the Pinterest logo, and a new window appears with more info on where you'd like to share (you may be asked to log in!)

4. And voilà! Your Créu GIF is saved online on that platform, ready for the world to see!!

Tip: use our GIPHY Official page for easy cross-app sharing, or type #creucat on GIF Searches, ie. Instagram stories!


BONUS: PriVer Archive of the month!

Créu and Petita at the computer - circa 2007? Looks like both the cats and computers lost some weight... :P

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