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Créu Commissions are here! How to order

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

PriVer's note: "Updated for 2023! This Blog page may change often so please check back for news!"

Ever seen the Créu drawings on Instagram and wish you could have your own?

In the past, besides art trades, I offered thank-you drawings for our Server Boosters and members who contributed greatly to the Créu Community.

To help balance my time creating content for Instagram, YouTube, GIFS and all, I decided to officially open up for Art Commissions! Créu Yeah!!

There are now TWO REQUEST types: COMMISSION and COURTESY. Within them, there's also "tiers" (prices). Curious? Read on!



So, what's an "art commission"?

  • want to see your pet or OC in #creucatstyle? Hire Créu Creator PriVer to bring it to life!

  • got OC ref sheets? What's your character like? What pose should they do? Tell me everything!

  • you get access to progress, sketches and feedback - PriVer will send you updates so we craft your art exactly how you'd like!

  • end result is a polished, colorful, shaded look!

  • 1-2 week deadline (depends on sketch iterations)

Here's a few examples of what you can get from commissioning PriVer!

You may find even more at . As always, don't be afraid to ask questions, PriVer loves an art challenge ; )


Now, as the name entitles, a "courtesy" is:

  • a thank-you drawing, simpler, offered at a lower cost (but still crazy cute!)

  • no deadline, no rush

  • no options or choices - the result will be a surprise!

  • you may provide references, but I get to have all creative freedom!

  • as of 2023, Courtesies are now ICONS! Purrfect for social media! ❤

Here's what the NEW 2023 Courtesy drawings look like!


Awesome!! So how does this work?!


  • Visit . After you submit the Commission request form, I will email you an INVOICE (request for payment) to confirm your options. Then, ACCEPT and PAY the invoice so I can get started!

  • Make sure your email is correct and remember to star ✰ our conversation so it doesn't get lost!

  • Throughout our process, I will continually show you the progress of sketches, line art and coloring. Please share ANY feedback you have - I really want you to be happy! ❤ I will seek confirmation from you before starting the line-art and shading. Please note that once line-art and coloring has begun, changes are extremely limited!

The 3 Commission “tiers”:


• Drawing of your pet (all species welcome!) in #creucat style!


• I will draw any famous character as a Créu Cat, doing whatever you’d like! I now draw Country Créus too!

• You may also request your favorite Créu Cat doing whatever you’d like!


• Your Original Character in Créu Cat style!

• I can also create a Créusona for you! Request BONUS SKETCHES so we can fully explore your character!


I can include one or two props!

For heavily detailed characters (ie. tons of clothing, intricate designs etc), or to request a set piece that your character is interacting with (ie. pillow, chair, tree etc) there are additional charges.

All prices are for 1 character! If you’d like more than one, please place additional orders - we can arrange so that I’ll draw them together if you’d like!



  • with this option, you'll get an ICON "profile picture" of your Pet or Character!

  • But remember, your options will be very limited! NO access to sketches!

  • after you request a drawing on , I will look at the available references and craft a drawing for you, using my artistic liberties! The result will be a surprise!

  • Finished drawing is a transparent PNG, sent via Ko-fi or Discord. Icons seem tiny, but the file itself is high definition! :)

  • Remember, Courtesies are fun, humble thank-you drawings. What you see is what you get! ; )

The 2 Courtesy “tiers”:


• Purrfect to get a sketch or smol drawing of your beloved companion!


• Your own Original Character in Créu style!


For heavily detailed characters and add-on props: additional $5 each.

Extra coffees at are super appreciated!

Thank you so much in advance =^^= Your donations go directly towards Créu Content creation! ♥



Hey, we're all here to have fun, but I got some rules too!

I’m pretty flexible, but will only draw PG and PG-13 content!

Requests of mature nature (including gore) will be automatically rejected and refunded.

These requests are to make people smile! Any requests I deem political, hurtful or contradictory in any way may also be rejected.

I have the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason.

PSST PSST... Discord users!

You may now use Server Boosts as discounts for either Commissions or Courtesies! Simply provide proof of boosting (screenshots) via DM @ PriVer. Yay!

Also! Once you commission PriVer, or if you donate even just one coffee on , you're eligible for the exclusive Créu Coffeemaker role on Discord! It grants you permanent donor status (won't go away after your Boost expires) and other perks. Plus, everyone will know you're a true supporter! ❤

* Please note: You must boost AT LEAST 6 times before requesting a discount. Initial available discount is 10% OFF. If you've been boosting for a very long time, you can request 20% OFF!

Accounts must be in good standing on the Créu Official Server in order to use Discord Boosts as discount. I may review your status/account upon you DM me your request!



I can’t decide between COMMISSION or COURTESY! Can you help?

  • if you’d like a work of art to be displayed, tailored exactly how you’d like, choose the pose and details of your character, choose Commission!

  • if you’d just like just a casual, smol drawing from me, without expectations or deadlines, please choose Courtesy!

When will my request be finished?

  • Commissions are usually done within 1-2 weeks. However, if you request several changes during the sketch progress phase, allow the finished piece to delay 2+ weeks.

  • Courtesy drawings have no deadlines. You may nudge me on Discord with a reminder after 1-2 weeks ; ) (I get several DMs a day so please be patient if I don't respond right away!)

I submitted the form, but there was no option to pay...?

  • Payment is due after I send you an INVOICE VIA EMAIL : ) The form is simply a "request".

  • Invoice templates are created automatically by Wix, and they offer cards or PayPal options. Please note I won't get started on your Commission until payment is accepted.

Can I request just regular "PriVer style", instead of "Créu Cat style"?

  • Not this time around! I hope you enjoy your créulified drawing =^^=

Can I choose the background?

  • I’m currently not offering background drawings. Pieces are usually drawn on a blank toned canvas that suits the art. You may request a DETAILED charge option for some set pieces. Commissioners may choose some colors/textures, if necessary.

How do I decide if I need a "detailed" ADD-ON for my character?

  • If your OC has several patterns, intricate details, many types of clothing like hats, pants and shoes, multiple tails or limbs - those would all be considered detailed. If you're unsure, you can always opt it in and I'll refund you accordingly!

  • Here's an example to help:

I consider this a regular OC drawing.
I consider this a detailed drawing (set piece, prop)

What software will you use to make my drawing?

  • A combination of Toon Boom Harmony, Photoshop and ClipStudioPaint. You can see a bit of my workflow on YouTube!

Can I put your drawing on merchandise to be sold?

  • Please, no! Any and all drawings from me are for PERSONAL USE ONLY.

  • If you’d like a commercial license from me, please reach out directly at

Can I use your drawing as a Sticker or emoji on my Discord Server? Can I use my commission on YouTube videos?

  • Again, please don’t - this would fall under “commercial use”, even if you’re not generating profits from it. If you’d like to request a license, please email directly and we can arrange something : )

Can I print your drawing to display in my room, show off to my friends, use it as my avatar online?

  • Yes, yes and yes! (Credit is always appreciated =^^=)

  • NEW! You can now request your art to be PRINTED, SHIPPED and HAND-SIGNED by PriVer! I use high-quality textured paper that will make your art pop!

I didn’t like the end result. Can I get my money back?

  • Once a drawing is completed, I cannot offer refunds, out of respect for my time.

  • I may consider a partial refund if your Commission is still in sketch stages.

Are you going to post my Commission/Courtesy on your Instagram?

  • Most likely, yes! I have a lot of fun with these drawings, I may not post it right away but I sure plan to =^^=

Can I request you do a Créumoji based on my OC for the Créu Server?

  • This time around, I’m not offering Créumoji entries (pixel art). Our emoji Server space is limited and currently prioritized for our CCCs (Server Staff).

Can I request an animated commission?

  • Currently, no. But I may consider this in the future!

Can I get just a head drawing to save on costs?

  • due to the simplicity nature or Créu Cats, I’m currently not offering head/torso drawings. All requests are for full-body only. If you'd like a simpler drawing from me, consider a COURTESY drawing : )

Can I request two or more characters to be drawn?

  • Pricing is for 1 character - if you’d like more, please place one order for each. You may specify via email that you’d like them drawn together : )

Can you create a "Créusona" for me?

  • Yes, I’d love to! This would be considered an ‘OC’ Commission. I highly recommend the "Bonus Sketch" option so that I can do a full exploration your new character!


More questions & info may be added as they appear! Stay tuned!


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Quehh Dhhdhh
Quehh Dhhdhh
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Ты меня очень вдохновляешь ,creu!

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