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How to install Créu Cursors?

Here's another handy guide on how to get the most out of the Créu Official Website! This time, we're showing you how to install the Créu Cursors to get a super vintage look on your PC!

  1. Hover over the Créu Cursor you'd like to use. A darker square will show up on top, with some buttons. Then CLICK!

2a. Now choose a folder location on your computer to save the file! I recommend creating a folder just for Créu content, for easy access! You can also rename the file, if you'd like. Remember the saved location for later steps!

2b. Note! The file comes as a .zip (because Wix logic), so you may need to "extract" it. You can use WinZip, 7-zip or other similar programs. If you have those installed already, and you right-click the file, you will see some options!

3. Ok, now, open the "Control Panel" on your computer, and select the option for "Mouse". Note: the names & looks may vary in different computers!

5. In Mouse Properties, head to "Pointers" tab. It will look something like this:

6. Still in this same tab, under "Customize", select the Cursor you'd like to change and hit "Browse".

7. A new window will open. Remember I said remember the file location, where you saved & extracted the Cursor? Yes, so you will navigate to that location now, and click "open".

8. Ta-DAH! Just hit "Apply" and your Créu Cursor is now installed and ready to use!!

We hope you enjoyed this mini tutorial!

By the way, I had to deactivate Blog Comments for a while >.< Sorry!

If you'd like to share your thoughts, please contact me or join our Créu Community on Discord =^^=


BONUS: PriVer Archive of the month!

Really old Créu design & logo, one of the first! This was actually a car sticker!!

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