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PriVer's note: Comms are currently on PAUSE!

See more examples on Instagram or here (YouTube short)!


Welcome to PriVer-drawn Commissions!

This order is for one art piece - tailored exactly how you’d like - in Créu Cat style! (see examples) Chose the pose, details and everything I should draw for you! Background will be a simple canvas that suits the art.



Please use the FORM BELOW to request a QUOTE / INVOICE from PriVer! Please read the INFO & DISCLAIMERS before submitting. Let's go! =^^=

PET - from $50

• Drawing of your pet (all species welcome!) in #creucat style!

FANART - from $70

• I'll draw any famous character as a Créu Cat!

• I also draw Country Créus!

• Or your favorite Créu Cat doing whatever you’d like!

OC TIER - from $90

• Your Original Character in Créu Cat style!

• I can also create a Créusona for you! Please request BONUS SKETCHES so we can fully explore your new character!

How this works

Using the form below, choose your TIER (price range), and add-ons like props or detailed.

Now you’re the boss! Tell me your pose, references, details, props etc!

I’ll communicate, send you sketches and progress VIA EMAIL, so you can provide feedback and I’ll address your notes! (usually 3 changes)

Once we reach line-art or coloring stage, changes are highly discouraged, or it may incur additional time and costs.

One order per character, please! If you'd like more than 1 character, please create more orders - I can draw them together : )

Your drawing will be done within 1 - 2 weeks, depending on how many iterations we go through and how many orders are ahead of yours.

  • STEP 1: sketch / brainstorming

I'll sketch a few poses ideas for you to pick from! You may get more or less depending on character complexity and description you give me. 

I can do additional expressions or arm poses too, on top of the pose you picked.

  • STEP 2: tie-down sketch


Now I'm going to add more details to the sketch you picked! I may add a touch

of color so you can really get a sense of how the end result will look like.

Please give any feedback you may have in this IMPORTANT stage!

  • STEP 3: lineart


The PriVer vector lineart quality you know!

  • STEP 4: color + shading


You'll receive a COLOR pass and finally the SHADING and FINAL pass for approval! Once it's approved, our work is complete! : ) 

  • STEP 5: delivery!

Receive ALL digital files in high quality, via EMAIL, inside one zip file!

NEW! (BETA): opt to have your drawing printed, shipped and hand-signed by PriVer!

Payment & Delivery

After you submit the Request form below, I will email you an INVOICE / QUOTE within 24hrs, confirming your choices. Please ACCEPT and PAY the invoice (card or PayPal) so we can get started! : D

If you need to make chances, simply reply to me and I'll submit a new invoice.


Payment is due upfront! Please note payments are non-refundable for finished pieces (which is why I'll show you progress - I want you to be happy! =^^=) I may consider a partial refund if only a sketch has been made.



Your final drawing will be submitted to you VIA EMAIL (and maybe Instagram!)

NEW in 2023!! (BETA) In addition to your digital file, you can now opt to have your art printed, shipped and hand-signed by PriVer! Purrfect for those who wish to physically display the art. I use high quality deluxe paper and your art will be fully protected for shipment. Please mind the SHOP TERMS!


I have the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason!


I’m pretty flexible, but will only draw PG-13 content. Requests of mature nature (including gore), or that I consider inappropriate in any way, will be automatically rejected and refunded.


Please read my FAQ on - lots of relevant information there!


ALL DRAWINGS ARE FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. Please reach out to separately if you're looking for COMMERCIAL licenses (this includes Discord Stickers).

Looking for Créu Courtesy ICONS instead?
Request via PriVer's Ko-fi!


Commission Request Form!

Which Commission Tier would you like?

Upload References
(BETA) Print, hand sign & ship?

Thank you for submitting!

I'll get back to you in 24hrs.

An error occurred.

Did you fill all the sections?

Commission Requests are
Temporarily Closed!

Limited spots for Courtesy drawing on Ko-fi available!

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