Créu Commissions are here! How to order

Updated: Apr 13

PriVer's note: "this blog page will be updated often so please check back for news!"

Ever seen the cool drawings on Instagram and wish you could have your own?

In the past, besides art trades, I offered thank-you drawings for our Server Boosters and members who contributed greatly to the Créu Community.

In these inflationary times, and to help balance my time creating content for Instagram, YouTube, GIFS and all, I decided to officially open up for Art Commissions! Créu Yeah!!

And to keep the tradition alive of thanking my generous contributors - while also being respectful of my time - I've come up with some flexible options that'll certainly make everyone happy! ♥

There are now TWO REQUEST types: COMMISSION and COURTESY. Within them, there's also "tiers" (prices). Curious? Read on!



So, what's an "art commission"?

  • your usual art service

  • crafted however you, the client, want!

  • access to progress, sketches, open to notes (up to 3 sessions)

  • polished, colorful, toned look!

  • 1-2 week deadline (depends on sketch iterations)

Here's a few examples of what you can get from commissioning PriVer!

You may find even more at . As always, don't be afraid to ask questions, PriVer loves an art challenge!


Now, as the name entitles, a "courtesy" is:

  • donation-based (a humble thank-you drawing)

  • no deadline, no rush

  • no options or choices - the result will be a surprise!

  • you may provide references, but I get to decide how to draw ;)

  • rough sketch or smol, quick drawing!

Courtesy drawings will look more like the drawings of Créutober. For example:


Awesome!! So how does this work?!


  • First, visit . After you submit the Commission request form, I will email you an INVOICE (request for payment) directly to confirm your options. Then, ACCEPT and PAY the invoice so I can get started!

  • Make sure your email is correct and remember to star✰ our conversation so it doesn't get lost!

  • Throughout our conversation, I will continually show you the progress of sketch, line art and coloring. You will have up to 3 chances to request changes/provide feedback during this process. I will seek confirmation from you before starting the line-art. Please note that once line-art and coloring has begun, changes are extremely limited!

The 3 Commission “tiers”:


• Drawing of your pet (all species welcome!) in #creucat style! • from $35


• I will draw any famous character as a Créu Cat, doing whatever you’d like!

• You may also request your favorite Créu Cat doing whatever you’d like!

• from $50


• Your Original Character in Créu Cat style!

• I can also create a Créusona for you!

• from $65


Inclusion of props: $7 each.

For heavily detailed characters (ie. tons of clothing, gradients, stripes or markings etc): additional $15.

All prices are for 1 character! If you’d like more than one, please place additional orders - we can arrange so that I’ll draw them together if you’d like!

Go now to to start!



  • with this option, you can offer donations or even pay with Server Boosts*! However, your request options will be very limited, and drawings will be much rougher (which, hey! It's also super cool!)

  • after you request a drawing on , I will look at the available references and craft a drawing for you, using my artistic liberties! The result will be a surprise!

  • I may send the finished drawing via Discord, email or Instagram.

  • Remember, Courtesies are fun, humble thank-you drawings. What you see is what you get! ; )

The 3 Courtesy “tiers”:


• MIN. 6 BOOSTS / 4 COFFEES ($12)

• Purrfect to get a sketch or smol drawing of your beloved companion!


• MIN. 10 BOOSTS / MIN 8 COFFEES ($18)

• Sketch or smol drawing of a recognizable character - including any Créu Cat of your choice!


• MIN. 20 BOOSTS / MIN 15 COFFEES ($33)

• Your own Original Character in Créu style!

• I can also create a Créusona for you!


For heavily detailed characters and add-on props: additional $5 each.

Buy me some coffees at , or show proof of Discord Boosts via DM @ PriVer#1987! (please note minimum Boosts).

Thank you so much in advance : ) Your donations go directly towards Créu Content creation! ♥