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The 2000's Bloggers (Part 1)

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

You know how we often talk about the old Créu Official Site being a "Template Shop" back in the day?

Let's share a bit more about that!

First of all, it's important to know that Blogs really weren't a thing until before the 2000's. I still remember reading about the whole blog trend in a magazine. Yes, there was online life before social media. Even before Orkut! A Blog was essentially a "diary" where you'd write about your day and things you like. Except, instead of being locked away in your drawer, now it was out in the world for everyone to read. You could also make a blog together with your friends or dedicate them to celebrities of the time, like Avril Lavigne, Linkin Park and Blink 182. Every teen HAD to have a blog if they wanted to be cool in the 2000's.

And these blogs were FULL of cute decorations and GIFS. Having a cute GIF on your Blog was a gift, because they were rare to find - usually you had to send and receive them over e-mail. Crazy, right??

I was fascinated with those adorable little animations. As you know, I've always loved the Art of animation, and the whole internet world was just magic to me. But that's when I realized something... the GIFS had one problem - they weren't original! Users usually animated super famous characters or just had something kinda boring. There wasn't a DEDICATED character who could provide décor to blogs. And so, Créu Cat came to the rescue!!


So! The most important part of the Blog was, of course, the template! Basically the whole look and feel of it. And if you wanted something cute, exclusive and original, you went to !

Here's some Templates you could download back then! These came complete with the HTML code for each Blog host, such as Blogger or UOL Host, from <head> to <body>. All you needed to do was just copy the whole text, paste it on your HTML editor and BOOM! Cute Créu Cat on your Blog!!

(in case you're wondering - no, the web addresses in these pictures aren't accessible anymore)

Note that vintage browser...

Oh! And we also had some interactive, real Flash headers for Blogs!! You could actually play them inside your HTML with the respective codes. Since Flash technology won't work anymore, here's some videos of their behavior:

The old Créu Official Site was a one-stop shop for everything cute you could ever need for your Blog. Templates, midi players, cursors, GIFS... all featuring a truly exclusive and original character meant to bring joy to the internet!

It is a bit sad that a lot of the old content wouldn't really apply much to today's modern internet world... I think. Blogs are still alive in a way or another (in fact you are reading one!) but we certainly don't have that crude HTML magic anymore. Blogs are mostly known today for personal recipes or fashion stuff, with social media doing the whole "diary" part. Very little HTML exploration.

But do not worry! I will be sharing with you all some historical content from the old Créu Official Site! Next post I will be showing some HTML codes for widgets! Stay tuned!!


What do you think? Would you have a Blog with any of these Créu Cat headers?

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