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Happy 2021!!

Updated: Mar 27, 2022


Hey guys!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful 2020 - as good as it could be!

This post is simply to celebrate one full year of Créu's return! HOLYCRÉU!!

We'll never get tired of stating our immense gratitude for all of your kindness, friendship support. Our Créu fans made Créu's return 101% worth every pixel!

LOOK at all we've accomplished last year!

Phew! That's right!! We had a lot to catch up in this whole new modern Internet world, but we're back to stay! Let's keep filling the Internet with cuteness and joy, as we've always dreamed!!


So what do we have coming for 2021?

Naturally, we've got some cool new content coming to the Official Website - fresh AND vintage! We're also constantly adding new GIFS to our other Official channels. There's a Newsletter coming in a couple of days once the new stuff has been uploaded, so make sure to subscribe to be notified!


Now that we've spread cuteness all over the Web, PriVer will be focusing on making more stuff for YouTube!

Guys, we have a new "mini" Créu short on the way - maybe next month?! And we'll have other mini shorts sprinkled throughout the year too!

PriVer is currently aiming for one "flagship" Créu short a year - meaning, a major storytelling short, like the Apology - which may not sound like much these days, but trust me - it's really hard to do all this while also working full-time job at the most famous animation studio in the world!


Another BIG news we have coming is that PriVer will start selling her own Créu stuff here on CREUCAT.COM ! That's soo cool!! Definitely sign up for our Newsletter to be notified of her exclusive, hand-made Créu merch!


Yay!! I think that's it for now! Just wanted to update you all on our accomplishments and plans! We look forward to seeing you around the Internet!

Just for fun, here's PriVer Archive of the month: a Créu craftbook cover for Pri's 15th Birthday! All her friends signed it, and I was the prince ready to guide her to the debutant waltz!

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