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Once upon a time, there was a cool software named Macromedia Flash. Back in the 90’s and 2000’s, Flash stood out in the World Wide Web for its ability to generate stunning content - animations, interactive sites and even games. The images were vector-based, meaning, they consisted of lines that could grow or shrink without any loss of quality. And you could make an entire website in Flash - buttons, transitions, animations and everything - using its coding language, Actionscript. And this is exactly how the original Créu Official Website was made!

It looked something like this:

Ah, those mouse cursor trails!! That is SOOO year 2000. You would enter some site and suddenly your very own cursor transformed like magic, leaving sparkles behind anywhere you clicked! It was mega cute.

The Créu Official Website was a “Template Shop”, a specialty website where users could download images or copy an HTML code (programming language that is used to display content on a web browser), which they could paste directly on their site or blog. Remember when I said that the 2000’s were full of cute blogs? That’s right! But unlike other Shops which used copyrighted material, Créu Official Website was the only one with characters fully dedicated to this sole purpose.

You could even download an entire Créu theme for your blog!

When you entered a Flash site, you noticed right away that it was different than a regular HTML site. It was unique, interactive and the graphics looked awesome on any screen.

There was just one problem - it took FOREVER to load.

Internet speeds may have been bad (raise your hand if you had a “dial-up” connection and couldn’t use the phone while using Internet!) But even then, nobody had the patience to wait.

If that wasn’t troublesome enough, Macromedia was eventually bought by Adobe Systems and, later on when the iPhone and other smartphones arrived, new technologies emerged. Flash sites required a separate plugin to run and they didn’t fit well on mobile phones, so Flash began losing support. New solutions in web design appeared that could generate stunning, interactive websites, without all the Flash hassle.

And so, Adobe Flash became deprecated. In fact, it has an official end-of-life on December 31, 2020.

RIP Flash.

I always wonder how things would have turned out if we just kept the Flash version of Créu’s website up and running… would people love it? Hate it? Was it better this way? Did we do the right thing?

With technology, things are always changing fast. Today, we are thankful for super fun and customer-friendly website builders such as Wix and Shopify, which lets many of our webdesign dreams come true =^^= But who knows, another 20 years from now, what will be the next big thing?

Maybe one of these days we will put online the old Créu Official Website so you guys can experience it... if you dare ;)

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Hello everybody!

It is me, the internet’s most famous cat!

! Well, at least I was going to be, back in the 2000’s...

Back then, the Internet was different. It was all about the Blogs, sparkly gifs and Template Shops. Users would have these super cute blogs and share gifs with one another. There were MIDI-players, mouse pointers with trails.. Yes, they were a bit cheesy, but it was a special time when people shared HTML codes to build their blog. Also, who could forget ICQ and Myspace?

Yea, Facebook was just starting back in those days. I remember when it was an invitation-only website, people were mostly there to connect with friends. None of these annoying ads and people arguing over politics like you see nowadays.

Anyway. So, after our last video (which I still need to watch again and pretty sure I'm gonna - what do you say these days? “Cringe”?)... Life started to change. The human started working at this huge animation studio - which she absolutely loves! - and there wasn't much time left for personal projects.

They say adulting is hard, and I got to see that with my own big blue eyes! Every time a Youtube notification showed up on her phone, human would get super anxious. Sometimes she would see comments like "this video was posted when I was born", and she felt super old.

But you see, she really wanted to make something truly special for my Official Website. She storyboarded more animations, drew awesome content and even developed games! But if you ask me, I think she was trying to make it TOO perfect... and when stress takes over, it's difficult to see the finish line.

The moment she realized that nothing was ever going to BE perfect, and that by holding on she was actually hurting and leaving my fans behind... that's when she realized all she had to do was to be honest. So we decided to make an apology video for all of you!

So here I am... 10 years later! I can say I aged well with all this white hair ;) Oh, and what's up with these other famous cats now? Have they come to take my place? Or is there always more room for more cats on the Internet? Oh well, I'm glad to see that ALL cats have dominated the world =^ ^=

After all this time, one thing hasn’t changed - the love for our fans.

We have soooo much more to show you! We are adding more content constantly and brewing some new videos!

I'll be using this Blog to share more informal conversations with y'all, so please stay tuned! =^ ^=

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