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Original gifs for everyone!

Créu Cat & friends are here to stay! Discover their stories, befriend the new characters, share and download exclusive artwork and much more!

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Join the kitties on what they’ve always wanted to do: decorate the web!

Welcome back!

CRÉU VS CARAMELL 4K! - * 15th Anniversary Remaster *

CRÉU VS CARAMELL 4K! - * 15th Anniversary Remaster *

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Back in the year 2000s, blogs were a huge hit.

Users often looked for cute illustrations to decorate their sites: templates, pixel art GIFs, separators, mouse pointers that left a trail of sparkles all around the webpage. Bloggers also had a great sense of community and left "stamps" and "placards" for each other.

The Créu cat character - who gets his name after the sound a cat makes similar to a "purr" followed by a "meow" - dates all the way back to 2002. His design was simple and super fun to draw! With a rising need for original content to decorate blogs, the first Créu Official Website was launched!

It wasn't until Créu debuted in animated videos in 2007 (mocking the Funk song with an unintentional name mix-up) that his fame really caught on.

Sadly, his website was made in Flash technology which soon became obsolete on the web. And as his creator embarked in a new journey as a professional animator, Créu left behind a legacy of fans.

But now, a new chapter has begun! Créu Official Website was - and still is - the one and only “Template Shop” exclusively designed with original content to decorate blogs, computers and now social media! 

The internet is ever changing, but Créu & friends are back and ready to win your heart again!

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