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Welcome to PriVer-drawn Commissions!


This order is for one art piece - tailored exactly how you’d like! The drawing will be of a full-body Pet or Character of your choice - in Créu Cat style! (see examples) Chose the pose, details and everything I should draw for you! Background will be a blank toned canvas to suit your drawing, unless you indicate otherwise (please request "detailed" if you'd like some kind of setting for your character, like a pillow, chair, tree etc)


Please add URLs to your references (you may also attach images via email later). The more refs you can show me, the better! After you place your order, I will communicate with you VIA EMAIL to get further details, show you progress & sketches so you can request changes, and keep you posted until we reach the final piece =^^= Let's go!


Your final piece will be sent to you VIA EMAIL! (printed version now available too!) I may also add it to : ) Let me know if you'd like to be tagged!


NOTE: This order is for CRÉU COMMISSIONS only. If you are looking for the Icons / COURTESY drawings, please request via !



Please share references, pictures, as much detail as possible regarding your Pet or Character! You may add the links as a NOTE, or email (ie. subject: OC REFS)

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